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The Kiln

With the growth of our milling operations and the many various projects we get involved with a kiln has been installed to add an additional service to our business.

When timber is first harvested and cut, it is known as “green” because it has not been dried or treated. Green timber is very moist, and if it is used as-is, it tends to warp as it dries and contracts. Drying it in a controlled environment is important, as it allows the wood to contract without warping. 

Once in the kiln the timber is subjected to a very high humidity (approximately 80%) and then is slowly dried out. The entire process is monitored by computer with continuous moisture readings available. This enables us to accurately bring the timber to the required moisture content. Typically a load, (5/6 m³) will take between 3 to 6 weeks depending on species and timber thickness.

Kiln dried timber is not only available to order but the kiln itself is available for hire to dry clients own timber. This service can also be tied in with having us process your timber, brought to the kiln and dried. A great option for any internal projects where you can look at the finished result and know it is your own wood from standing timber to an end product.

If you already have an amount of cut timber and merely want it drying we would be happy to dry it for you.
This unique service again allows you to tailor a project to your requirements to achieve the look you want rather than settling for an alternative due to limiting factors.

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