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The Saw Mill

Grange Farm Timber has run 'Wood Mizer' machinery for a number of years now. Currently operating two saws, the smaller LT15 and now the much larger and mobile LT20 which has the setworks computer system on the head providing both accurate and quicker milling. These saws only have a 2mm kerf leaving a very clean finish with very little waste.


We always have a source of quality felled timber available to be milled to your requirements. We are always able to source alternative species should this be required. As we mill to your requiremnts there is very little waste and therefore cost effective.

Grange Farm Timber are also able to travel to other locations to provide a mobile timber milling service. This enables us to convert your own timber into a usable product whether it is for a personal project, to market or merely to have milled and stored for the future - a valuable alternative choice to leaving good timber to rot or be burned. Whether you are a tree surgeon, land owner, estate manager or private client this is a valuable service.

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